Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Cordoba House in New York

In the 8th century Muslims invaded, tore down a cathedral and built their elaborate mosque in Cordoba. That wasn't unusual since it was common practice for the conquerors to tear down the temples, cathedrals or mosque on the site. Cordoba was significant because it became the seat of the Caliphate.

Cordoba remained the caliphate until the 13th century when Christian armies re-conquered ...the mosque was later torn down and another cathedral was built on the site. End of story?
For all the people who mock the concern and the wisdom of building 'Cordoba House' ( the new Caliphate.)..2 blocks from the site of Ground Zero ...when you stop laughing that the first battle in Cordoba, Spain was centuries ago you might be interested to know the dispute continues today.............
 The above quoted from screen name "Free Thinker" on the GoUpstate message board.

Chrysler introduced the Cordoba in 1975 according to Wikipedia. That times out pretty well with the 1973 OPEC oil embargo, with the gas-guzzling Cordoba designed to increase gasoline consumption, driving the price up and causing the American economy to go into a tailspin. And I was always suspicious of that Ricardo Montalban character anyway, with his smooth accent. It now makes perfect sense -- he was a one-man Andalusian sleeper cell, doing the bidding of his OPEC/Muslim masters.

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